Advocate Aurora Health was born from the merger of Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care in 2018. Advocate Aurora Health is a non-profit, integrated healthcare system. Advocate is Illinois’ most extensive healthcare system and one of the largest in the Midwest, with more than 11 million patient visits annually.


MyAdvocateAurora Health Login or Myaurora Login is an online portal created for Myaurora patients. The purpose of creating Myaurora Login is to help patients track their medical profiles and more. To access the Myadvocateaurora login, you must visit the official Myadvocateaurora.org login site. The website requires you to follow specific steps to access the portal successfully.


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MyAdvocateAurora Health Login Guide

Follow the instructions below to successfully login to MyAdvocateAurora Health. Follow all the steps below precisely as below to avoid any further issues during registration steps.

  • Access the official MyAdvocateAurora Health registration page at Myadvocateaurora.org.
  • A MyAdvocateAurora Health ID remembers your selection the next time you log into that device.
  • In the MyAdvocateAurora Health ID field, enter your Livewell username.
  • Enter your password set in another field
  • To show the characters typed, click the Show hidden characters icon. Click the Hide Characters icon to hide feelings with asterisks.
  • If you check the “Remember me” box, Livewell will automatically populate your Livewell username or email address registered on this device with your Livewell username.
  • And then go to the MyAdvocateAurora Health login portal.


What Do You Need For MyAdvocateAurora Health Login?

During the process of logging in to MyAdvocateAurora Health, you will need the following items to be able to proceed.

  • You need to have a cell phone, laptop, PC, or tablet device before you can get started.
  • It is important that you connect your device to an active internet connection in order to be able to get started.
  • In order to do so, you will also need to enter the username and password that you have been using to access MyAdvocateAurora Health.
  • In addition, you will need a good domain name for the Myadvocateaurora login site, myadvocatorora.org.

Benefits of Using the MyAurora Login

Below are the benefits of using Myadvocateaurora Login at Myadvocateaurora.org.

  • You can track your medical profile online
  • Depending on how your doctor releases your test results, you can also view those results online.
  • Also, you can check all you’re dating history and upcoming dates.
  • Additionally, you can contact your doctor any time you like by logging into your MyAdvocateAurora Health account.

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